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Happy Endings!
A relationship between a client and an interior designer is a very special one.

It is a relationship of balancing taste and experience.
It is a relationship of blending expectations and reality.
It is a relationship of transforming dreams into true-to-life visions.

At Junior Interiors, we understand how important it is to get the right ambience and the right mood for your home, hotel, business space or any other commercial property. This is why, we take special care of understanding the nuances of your imagination and expectations and then go about carving the perfect nook.
From residential to retail through to commercial, we strive hard to ensure a perfect finish and a happy ending to each project.


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Architecture is an art and science. It blends the poetic influences of surroundings with the functionalities you requ[...]


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Our Projects

Having spent so many years in the industry, we are privileged to have worked with clients from different industries and with varied needs. Spend some time to go through our portfolio and if you like what you see, get in touch with us.


Architecture is 50 percent art and 50 percent science. We deliver projects that blend both perfectly.


From project management to space schematics through to master planning

Site analysis

We thoroughly survey the site plans and provide consulting and reporting services


We strategize each step to minimize cost and turnaround time while increasing efficiency


From civil to landscaping, we provide designs for commercial and residential projects


We take care of mechanical, structural and electrical needs of the project


We optimize orientation, microclimate, building fabric, lifecycle costing, energy and water


Active Experts


Happy Client


Developer Hand


Completed Project